Collections Score

Uncovers Hidden Profitability in Your Accounts Receivable Data

At Applied Business Intelligence Group, we understand you face complex business problems needing more than just a solution in a box. Our collections scoring methodology, based upon your accounts receivable data, consistently outperforms credit bureau and judgmental solutions.

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ScoreDynamics -​ Collections Score

Accurately predicting serious delinquency is critical in the management of credit losses — especially in these economic conditions. At Applied Business Intelligence Group, it is our belief that customer behavior, on your product over time, is the best predictor of future risk available in the marketplace. Our proprietary modeling techniques generate results outperforming traditional credit bureau and judgmental solutions across all industries for consumer, small business and commercial portfolios.

In fact, we are so confident in our performance that we will provide a ScoreDynamics portfolio validation free of charge and allow you to be the judge of the value we create.