Applying your Business Intelligence

At the heart of the Information-Driven Business Model is a feedback loop that seeks out optimal solutions and continuously adjusts to the ever-changing business environment.


The application of your analytical tools in a manner that optimizes strategies is the key to generating business results. Our integrated solutions suite is focused not only providing the tools to attack the problem but the business intelligence solution to monitor performance. True Business Integration is an evolution.  The most sophisticated businesses have integrated information driven decision making throughout the organization.  What is key is the not where your organization is today but the vision of where you need to go.

Applied Business Intelligence Group practices a pragmatic, cross-disciplinary approach that is technology-neutral and focused on the bottom-line.  Ultimately, we transform decision making into a fact-based exercise on exactly how and when to match customers and prospects with the right products, offers, channels and messages. We dig deep into our client’s data archives seeking usable information.  We don’t wait for “perfect” data to be handed to us. We analyze this internal data and available external data to understand the enterprise-wide, lifetime profitability dynamics. Develop and implement practical solutions that maximize return on investment.