Data Mining Solution

Extracting the insight from the data that
resides within your company is the key to business success

Applied Business Intelligence Group is focused on the process of synthesizing data to insight. Our ability to assist in the aggregation, assembly, interaction and analysis of your vital company information is critical to maximizing business improvement.

DataDynamics -​​​​​​​ Data Mining Solution

DataDynamics data-mining solution was developed to assist lenders in the ability to maximize the predictive powers in their credit bureau and customer data. Business Intelligence is the derivation of information from data. Structured data in the form of standardized data attributes allows for increased information to enter the decision-making process. In today’s competitive business environment, both credit bureau and customer data are two of the most valuable sources for informed decision making.


​​​​​​​Applied Business Intelligence Group’s DataDynamics product offering allows lenders to create an unlimited number of standardized attributes for use in the analysis, modeling and scoring of their account origination and customer management initiatives. The DataDynamics solution compiles data from your raw credit bureau or customer files and transforms them into predictive metrics that are consistent across the entire customer lifecycle.

Unlocking the power of the credit bureau data is difficult. Up until now, managing this data required a significant undertaking. The DataDynamics solution is cost-effective, flexible and easy to use data aggregation software product that lets you capitalize on the maximum power of your information.

Transforming data into insight…
Insight into action.