Applying your Business Intelligence

Applied Business Intelligence Group is focused on the process of synthesizing data to insight. Our ability to assist in the aggregation, assembly, interaction and analysis of your vital company information is critical to maximizing business improvement.


To be able to deliver on the Business Intelligence promise of producing superior results, firms need the requisite skills, processes, technologies, applications and business practices. Alignment and integration are necessary but not sufficient for success.


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) helps business people make more informed decisions by providing them timely, data-driven answers to their business questions. The BI process analyzes data stored in data warehouses, operational databases, and/or ERP systems and transforms it into business insight. BI delivers the information needed to make strategic planning decisions, improve operational efficiencies, and optimize business processes.


Our years of client-side experience have enabled us with the knowledge to be good consultants. Successful engagements are always a blend of what is the best approach to undertake vs. what we can actually get done. Our practice is to provide solutions that make the biggest impact to your firm now, while supporting future strategies.

Breadth of experience is a critical factor in the ability to delivering new thinking. We can provide best practice solutions not only from your industry, but from industries that face similar problems. Our industry experience in the field of Business Intelligence is unequaled.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Strategy OptimizationText...

We passionately respect the investment that you are making in generating marketplace results and want to partner with you to ensure success. With current competition levels, optimized programs are the only way to sustainable success and ROI.

The application of rapid feedback loops to continually monitor results and adjust accordingly is critical to performance. Success can only happen by leveraging the Business Intelligence within your organization. Our expertise in this area is unique and unparalleled.

​​​​​​​Risk Management...

To maximize returns, financial services firms need to adequately assess consumer credit risk within their customer and prospect pools. It is critical that the assessment is a function of current and future expected economic conditions.

Scorecard development – Our modelers have developed scorecards for use in collections, application and portfolio review. We have developed solutions in the US as well as numerous European, South and Central American countries in the consumer and small business space.

Portfolio review – Our expertise is invaluable in fine tuning your firm’s portfolio risk position as economic conditions change.

Credit Strategy – We can help develop new product, market, segment credit strategy that is testable and will provide necessary feedback.


Analytics is "the science of analysis". Understanding the right technique to solve a complex problem is critical in obtaining unbiased and replicable results.

Profiling and Segmentation – Our modelers are experienced in the techniques that balance the art and science of simultaneously maximizing inter-segment characteristic differences as well as intra-segment characteristic similarities.

Predictive Modeling – The empirical solution that creates an algorithm which ranks prospects or customers by some key measure like their likelihood of responding to a certain offering.

Data Mining – The exploration of a client’s information in a structured fashion to discover what is unknown and hidden.